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    Floppy Disk Format Information

    MAXIForm, MAXI Disk, and FreeForm can create special DOS compatible disks that offer more space than their standard DOS cousins. MAXI style extended capacity disks are transparent to DOS 3.2 and later. The major characteristics are outlined below. Total disk capacity can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of cylinders.

    Type Size Capacity Sectors
    per track
    per side
    DOS 360k5.25"360k940
    MAXI 420k5.25"420k1042
    DOS 720k3.5"720k980
    MAXI 800k3.5"800k1080
    DOS 1.2 meg5.25"1200k1580
    MAXI 1.4 meg5.25"1400k1782
    DOS 1.44 meg3.5"1440k1880
    MAXI 1.6 meg3.5"1600k2082
    DMF 1.7 meg*3.5"1700k2182
    DOS 2.88 meg+3.5"2880k3680
    MAXI 3.2 meg*+3.5"3200k3982
    *Note: DMF & 3.2 meg disks can be created by MAXI Disk for Windows and FreeForm.
    +Note: 2.88 & 3.2 meg disks require a special 2.88 meg floppy disk drive and controller on your system.

    Note, some systems require the driver program SMAX to read and write MAXI style extended capacity disks properly. SMAX is included with all current releases of MAXIForm, MAXI Disk, and FreeForm. You can download it here separately if someone gave you MAXI formatted disks and you cannot read them on your system.

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