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C-128 CP/M Hacker's Toolkit is a collection of 7 utilities for the C-128 in CP/M mode.
  • DRIVE lets you change disk drive device assignments.
  • SCREEN lets you swap between 40 and 80 column displays without re-booting.
  • EXP and MOVEROM allow you to explore and change system memory areas.
  • SPORT sends commands to the serial bus.
  • PATCH81 and XFORM81 provide support for the 1581 disk drive in early releases of C-128 CP/M.

Hacker's Toolkit requires a C-128 (in CP/M mode), with a 1571 or 1581 disk drive.

    Hacker's Toolkit has been released as FreeWare. It may be freely distributed for personal, non-commercial use provided that it is distributed intact and complete with all original documentation and copyright notices. Since it is no longer supported by Herne Data Systems, it is released without any kind of warranty. If you find it useful, let us know by e-mail.

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Last updated 99-May-22