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MAXI Disk - The easy way to format and copy disks with Windows

Herne Data Systems is pleased to announce the release of MAXI Disk version 4 for Windows 3.x and Windows 95. MAXI Disk is a floppy disk formatting utility that gives more space on the disks.

MAXI Disk version 4 for Windows, offers all of the functionality of the original MAXI Form and MAXI Disk for DOS, along with the capability to:

  • Automatically determine the type and number of floppy drives on your system;
  • Format Microsoft 1.7 meg DMF disks;
  • Format Macintosh 1.44 meg disks;
  • Copy any type of DOS disk in one easy step, including MAXI style extended capacity disks and DMF disks;
  • Copy Macintosh 1.44 meg disk;
  • Analyze an unknown disk and determine its type;
MAXI style extended capacity disks give you 420k on a 360k disk, 800k on a 720k disk, 1.4 meg on a 1.2 meg disk, 1.6 meg on a 1.44 meg disk, and 3.2 meg on a 2.88 meg disk.

MAXI Disk works with Windows 3.1 as well as Windows'95. Like MAXI Form, MAXI Disk will only format floppy disks. It will not let you format a hard drive, even accidentally.

Single user copies of MAXI Disk can be obtained for only $25 (US) or $29 (Canadian, including GST) (plus $2.00 shipping and handling for North American addresses, $4.00 for elsewhere. Unlimited user site licenses are available for $100.00 (US) or $125 (CDN). Evaluation copies are available for download through our web site at:

Herne Data Systems specializes in operating system enhancement utilities for DOS and Windows and custom programming. We developed the concept of extended capacity disks in 1988 with the introduction of MAXIForm for MS-DOS. Evaluation versions of all of our products are available from our web site at:

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