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Scramb'ler-128 is a user transparent high security disk encryption system for the C-128 in CP/M mode. The system physically encrypts all data (using a special disk format and including the directory) based on a user selected four to twenty-four character password. The encryption and decryption is done automatically at the CP/M BIOS level and will not interfere with normal user programs. In addition, the encryption driver is also transparent to non-encrypted disks (i.e. you still have full access to normal, non-encrypted disks when Scramb'ler is installed, and can copy back and forth between encrypted and non-encrypted disks transparently).

Scramb'ler is ideal for anyone who wants to protect sensitive or confidential data from un-authorized access. Teachers can use it in classroom settings to keep student grades and test results away from student snooping. (It has often been said that many students are more computer literate than many of their teachers and have little difficulty bypassing normally 'secure' data storage systems.) Doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals can make use of Scramb'ler to protect confidential client records. YOU could even use it to keep Aunt Martha's secret cake recipe that has been handed down to selected family members over the generations. In short, anyone who deals with private information can benefit from using Scramb'ler.

Scramb'ler requires a C-128 (in CP/M mode), with a 1571 or 1581 disk drive.

    Scramb'ler has been released as FreeWare. It may be freely distributed for personal, non-commercial use provided that it is distributed intact and complete with all original documentation and copyright notices. Since it is no longer supported by Herne Data Systems, it is released without any kind of warranty. If you find it useful, let us know by e-mail.

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Last updated 96-Nov-12