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    Utility_Belt Product Info

    Operating system -
    DOS 3.x or later,

    Current version -
    Download -
  • BELT1D.ZIP (67k bytes)

  • Utility_Belt is a collection of 20 utilities designed to simplify the creation of professional looking DOS batch files. Seven interactive utilities let you get user input during a batch file execution (SELECT, CONFIRM, WAIT, GETKEY, SLEEP, BLEEP, TC). Nine video utilities add pizzazz to your displays and let you gain full access to all of the video text pages on your system with a variety of special effects and screen sculpting tools (VPAT, VPCLS, VPFLIP, VPSET, VPTNT, VPBH, VPSTRIPE, VPBOX, VPCOPY). Four utilities are provided for the security minded user (TL, REBOOT, HANG and WHATIS). Extensive documentation with sample batch file code and demos are provided.

    Single user registration of any individual program in the collection is $10 (US) or $12 (CDN) plus $2 postage and handling. Single user registration of the entire collection is $25 (US) or $29 (CDN) plus $2 postage and handling. Site licenses are also available. Contact us for pricing.

    Single user registrations are also available from:

  • CompuServe Shareware Registry (ID# 433).
  • Public (software) Library registration service. (Product number 14856).
  • Reg.Net ID #3368

    The following programs are included in the Utility_Belt collection:

    Interactive Utilities:


      Allows a user to choose from a list of options and can be used to direct the flow of the batch file accordingly. SELECT is typically used for a menu type system.
      Prompts the user for a Yes/No response and can be used to direct the flow of the batch file accordingly. CONFIRM is typically used prior to executing any action which may be destructive, such as erasing a file.
      Prompts the user to procede or quit and can be used to direct the flow of the batch file accordingly. WAIT is typically used to prompt a user to do something (like swap disks) before proceding.
      Waits for a key press from the keyboard and returns a value based on the ASCII code of the key pressed. GETKEY is typically used for custom menu type programs.
      Pauses the computer for the specified length of time. SLEEP is typically used to pause momentarily while a message is displayed on the screen.
      Sounds a user defined tone (or series of tones) on the speaker. BLEEP is typically used prior to any special alert or warning messages which are displayed by the batch file.
      TimeCheck returns a value based on time of day or day of week. TC is typically used in AUTOEXEC.BAT files to execute different startup routines based on time of day and/or day of week.
    Video Utilities:


      Set the current video display page for text modes. VPSET is typically used to build a screen with the other video utilities (e.g. VPCOPY, VPCLS, VPBOX, etc.) then switch to it instantly.
      Copy one video text page to another. This allows a text page to be saved then recalled later.
      Let the user flip instantly between alternate display pages that have been created with the other video programs.
      Clear the screen of the specified video page to a specified color.
      Clear the current screen to the specified colors in an explosive effect.
      Clear the current screen to the specified colors in a 'black hole' effect.
      Similar to VPCLS, but will produce a striped or rainbow pattern on the screen. Stripes can be horizontal or vertical.
      Print a text string at a specified location on the screen.
      Draws a box of a given size at a given location on the screen. Typically used with VPAT to create message windows on a screen.
    Security and Diagnostic Utilities:


      Will lock up a computer and require a power-off/power- on reset sequence. HANG is typically used to lock up a computer if, for example, a user fails on several attempts to log into a network.
      Software controlled rebooting of the computer. REBOOT is typically used after changing or creating a customized CONFIG.SYS file. It can also be used to automatically reset a computer if a user fails to log into a network correctly.
      TimeLock prevents the user from resetting the computer's time and calendar.
      A diagnostic program which reports the BIOS and DOS physical and logical parameters associated with disk drives.
    All of the programs in the Utility_Belt collection were written in assembler to ensure compact, fast code. (The average size of the programs is less than 2k bytes long!) Each of the programs is self documenting to a certain extent. If you run the programs without any command line options, you will get a summary of the syntax and available options.

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