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    This page contains information for shareware vendors and others wishing to distribute our products. All Herne Data Systems shareware is written by a member of the ASP - Association of Shareware Professionals and ESAG - Elite Shareware Authors Group. We encourage you to support all shareware authors by registering your shareware.

    Individuals who wish to distribute the EVALUATION version of any Herne Data Systems Ltd. shareware product to friends or associates may do so in accordance with the restrictions outlined below. Under no circumstances can anyone distribute a REGISTERED version of any Herne Data Systems Ltd. shareware product unless they are AUTHORIZED by Herne Data Systems Ltd. as a vendor or distributor. To obtain vendor authorization, please contact Herne Data Systems Ltd. at the address listed below or via e-mail at herne@herne.com.

    This file provides information for Shareware Distributors, Disk Vendors, BBS Operators, CD-ROM Publishers, Computer User Groups and any others who wish to distribute any Herne Data Systems Ltd. shareware product. The most recent versions of our products are (as of 99-Mar-05):
    • MAXI Form v1.9
    • MAXI Disk v4.20 for Windows
    • FreeForm v2.31
    • Utility_Belt v1.d
    • NPS Piping Database (DOS) v2.2
    • NPS Piping Database (Windows) v2.2
    • Over_LAZ (HP) v4
    • Over_LAZ (PS) v3
    (Please ensure that your library has the most recent versions of our products, which are available from our website. For sample descriptions which you may use to describe the product, and for standard file naming, please refer to the INFO.DOC text file included in each .ZIP file.)


    Shareware Distributors, Shareware Disk Vendors, Computer Clubs, User Groups, BBS Operators, and CD-ROM Publishers (here after referred to as YOU or YOUR) wishing to add the EVALUATION version of any Herne Data Systems Ltd. (here after referred to as WE or OUR) product to their software or disk library may do so in accordance with the Distribution Restrictions listed below.


    As the exclusive copyright holder for all Herne Data Systems Ltd. shareware products, Herne Data Systems Ltd. authorizes distribution only in accordance with the following restrictions:

    • Upon written notification from Herne Data Systems Ltd., you will stop distribution of the software as soon as possible. Under no circumstances may YOU distribute or list OUR software more than 90 calendar days after having been given notice to stop distribution.
    • Each Herne Data Systems Ltd. shareware product includes a number of files, as listed in the README.1ST text file. If any files listed in the README.1ST text file, or the README.1ST file itself, are missing, then the package is not complete and distribution is forbidden. Please contact us to obtain a complete package suitable for distribution.
    • Under no circumstances can any of the program, data or documentation files be altered or modified in any way. Small additions to the package, such as the introductory or installation batch files used by many shareware disk vendors, are acceptable, provided that such files do not interfere in any way with the operation of the Herne Data Systems Ltd. shareware product.
    • YOU may only distribute the EVALUATION version. YOU must make it clear that the end user is obligated to pay the registration fee for these programs if they decide to continue to use them beyond the evaluation period. If YOU charge for distribution, it must be clear that YOUR customers are paying for YOUR distribution, NOT for the software.
    • YOU may not list any of OUR products in advertisements, catalogs, or other literature which describes OUR products as "FREE SOFTWARE". Shareware is "Try-Before-You-Buy" software, it is not free and a registration fee must be paid to the copyright holder if the product is used beyond the initial evaluation period.
    • YOU shall comply with all other applicable usage restrictions listed in the LICENSE.DOC text file.
    • All rights not expressly granted here to YOU are reserved to Herne Data Systems Ltd.


    Herne Data Systems Ltd. shareware products MAY be included as part of some other inclusive package, such as a Disk Collection, CD-ROM, "Disk of the Month", or bundled with other software provided that the following conditions are met:
    • All conditions outlined above in "Limited Distribution License" MUST be met.
    • ASP Approved Vendors who wish to distribute any Herne Data Systems Ltd. shareware product as part of a disk collection or a CD-ROM package may do so provided that all the other restrictions are met.
    • Non-ASP Approved Vendors who wish to distribute any Herne Data Systems Ltd. shareware product as part of a disk collection or a CD-ROM package must obtain written permission from Herne Data Systems Ltd. prior to beginning such a distribution.
    • The PRINTED User's Guides may not be reproduced in whole or in part, using any means, without the written permission of Herne Data Systems Ltd. In other words, the disk-based documentation may not be distributed in PRINTED (hardcopy) form. The only exception to this is the inclusion of the software description and installation instructions in the book portion of a book and CD-ROM combination set.


    All Herne Data Systems Ltd. software is initially produced in English. However, we are always interested in joint ventures and proposals to translate our software into other languages. If you have such a proposal to make, please contact us at the address or e-mail listed below.


    We would appreciate copies of anything you print regarding any of our shareware products. Please send us a copy of any reviews, articles, catalog descriptions, or other information you print or distribute regarding our shareware products. Our mailing address is:
      Herne Data Systems Ltd.
      31 Adelaide St, East
      PO Box 357
      Toronto, ON M5C 2J4 CANADA

      Tel: Voice/FAX (416)364-9955

    e-mail: herne@herne.com.


      If you would like your Computer Club, User Group or BBS to be placed on our mailing list for future upgrades to any of our products, please contact us at the address or E-mail listed above.

    Thank you for your support of Herne Data Systems Ltd. shareware products!

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