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    The News

    ** We regret to inform our customers that as of March 1, 2004 we no longer accept direct payment by credit card. We still accept check or money order in Canadian or US funds. If you wish to pay by credit card, please order from one of our distributors.

    ** NPS - Nominal Pipe Size piping database software version 2.2 is now available for DOS and Windows.

    ** We have moved. As of Oct 1, 1997 our new mailing address is:
    31 Adelaide St East, PO Box 357, Toronto, ON M5C 2J4 CANADA.
    Our new voice/FAX number is (416) 364-9955.

    ** MAXI Disk is featured as "Top pick of the week" for May 6 at the Free Software Store

    ** MAXI Disk can now create bootable disks for Windows'95/MS-DOS 7.

    ** MAXI Disk is featured on the April 1997 net.disc CD-ROM from The Net magazine

    ** Version 4.1 of MAXI Disk, our popular floppy disk formatting and copying program, premiered on CNET Monday February 17.

    ** The Herne Data Systems web site now includes an HTML programming tips page. This page includes useful tips and hints for coding your web pages.

    ** Our trophy shelf is growing! See some of the awards this site has won in our trophy room.

      Current Press Releases...
    ** MAXI Disk version 4.1 to premiere on CNET Feb 17.
    1996 Press Releases...

    MAXI Disk version 4 for Windows.

    e-mail If you wish to receive future press releases from us via e-mail, please contact us at herne@herne.com.

      Previous Headlines...

      The Rail

    • The Herne Data Systems web site can now be found on The Rail. Begin your internet journey on The Rail. Our home page is junction 1339 on The Electric Train. Our "Links" page is junction 1366 on The Web Train.

    • Herne Data Systems is now a member of STAR - Shareware Trade Association and Resources.

    • Our site has been rated by RSAC and SafeSurf

    • MAXI Disk version 4 for Windows is now available.

    • The Herne Data Systems web page has moved to a new expanded server at http://www.herne.com. Please update your links and bookmarks! Our new direct e-mail address has changed to herne@herne.com.

      Share Nicely

    • Herne Data Systems has been given the "I Share Nicely" award by the Software Sharing Resource Library. The Software Sharing Resource Library provides this award to recognize individuals and websites who promote the cause of software sharing and reuse.

    • You can now register most of Herne Data Systems products through the Public (software) Library registration service.

    • Herne Data Systems is now on the Web! Check out the rest of our web site for information on our products and services.
    • Herne Data Systems now offers custom web page design services. Contact us for details and a free no obligation quote. Our prices start as low as $50 (US), $65 (CDN) for a basic page.
    • The latest versions of our shareware products are now avaliable from a number of Simtel sites.
    • You can now register any of our products on-line. Use our handy electronic registration form.
    • Be sure to let us know how we are doing by completing our user feedback survey form.

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