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    MAXI Disk Product Info

    Operating system -
    MS Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME

    Current version -
    Download -
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  • 4 star MAXI Disk was first introduced in 1988 as a DOS based, deluxe menu driven version of MAXI Form. The current version 4.2 for Windows, offers all of the functionality of the original MAXI Form and MAXI Disk, along with the capability to:
  • Automatically determine the type and number of floppy drives on your system;
  • Format any standard DOS disk type,including MAXI style extended capacity disks;
  • Format disks with sequential serial numbers;
  • Copy any type of DOS disk in one easy step, including MAXI style extended capacity disks;
  • Format and/or copy Microsoft 1.7 meg DMF disks;
  • Format and/or copy Macintosh 1.44 meg disks;
  • Copy virtually any type of non-DOS disk in a single pass;
  • Create floppy disk image files on your hard drive to make future additional copies;
  • Analyze an unknown disk and determine its type;
  • Easy to use Windows front end;
  • Make Win'95/MS-DOS 7 boot disks;
  • Make boot from C: drive floppy disks;
  • NSA secure format option;New...
  • Improved speed for Win'95, 98 and ME.
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    Simply the best shareware

    In addition to normal DOS disks, MAXI Disk will also format special DOS compatible extended capacity disks which give you 420k on a 360k disk, 800k on a 720k disk, 1.4 meg on a 1.2 meg disk, 1.6 meg on a 1.44 meg disk, and 3.2 meg on a 2.88 meg disk.

    MAXI has many advanced disk copy features, such as copying to and from disk image files (making multiple copies a snap), as well as the ability to copy non-DOS disks, such as Macintosh 1.44 meg and many CP/M and other non standard types.

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    MAXI Disk works with Windows 3.1 as well as Windows'95, 98, and ME. Version 4.2 includes enhancements and optimizations for Windows '95 and later. Like MAXI Form, MAXI Disk will only format floppy disks. It will not let you format a hard drive, even accidentally.

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    The single user registration fee is only $25 (US) or $29 (CDN) plus $2 postage and handling ($4 for addresses other than USA and Canada). Site licenses are also available. Contact us for pricing.

    Single user registrations are also available from:

  • CompuServe Shareware Registry (ID #13364).
  • DigiBuy registration service. (Product number 93640818918).
  • RegSoft secure on-line server (Product ID 3800).
  • RegNet registration service (Product ID 3374).

    Standard documentation is in Windows Help format and Windows Write .WRI formats. It is also available separately in Microsoft Word for Windows (v6 or later) .

  • Read some reviews of MAXI Disk.
  • How to register.
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      We also have an installer stub which can load and run your install program direct from a MAXI style or DMF disk. This enables you to provide your software on fewer disks without worrying if the user has the proper drivers to read them. The MAXI Installer Stub is availble for a one time charge of $50 US for unlimited use. Contact us for details.

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