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    Over_LAZ Product Info

    Operating system -
    DOS 3.x or later,
    Windows 3.0 or later

    Current version -
    LaserJet version- 4
    PostScript version- 3
    Download -
  • LaserJet version (1360k bytes)
  • PostScript version (114k bytes)

  • OverLAZ is a collection of over 200 image overlay files for use with word processing programs, databases, spreadsheets and other applications, and a laser printer. Two separate versions are available: OverLAZ HP is for HP LaserJet compatible printers (Series II, III, 4, and 5 series, as well as some Deskjet series) and OverLAZ PS is for PostScript based printers. All OverLAZ HP files are designed for 300 x 300 dpi resolution. Printers capable of higher resolution (such as the LaserJet 4 at 600 x 600 dpi), will print the OverLAZ files at 300 x 300 dpi.

    Many word processing, spreadsheet and database programs are capable of downloading direct commands to a printer prior to and/or during printing a job. OverLAZ uses this capability to automatically print letterheads, images and/or borders on a text page. The overlays are inserted in your document or printout when it is printed on a laser printer. The OverLAZ collection includes general office forms (such as 'inter-office memo', 'notice of meeting', etc.) in several different styles, as well as rubber stamp (or 'watermark') type overlays (such as 'DRAFT', 'confidential', etc.) and page frames and borders.

    OverLAZ files are designed to work with a minimally equipped 'bare bones' LaserJet series II or compatible printer (i.e. with only 512k RAM and no extra font cartridges). Of course, OverLAZ is fully compatible with extra printer RAM, fonts and cartridges, as well as LaserJet series III, 4 and 5 printers. OverLAZ will print at 300 DPI resolution on the 600 DPI LaserJet 4 printer.

    With OverLAZ, you only need to keep one kind of paper (normal blank paper) in your laser printer. There is no need to juggle forms and special letterhead papers each time you want to print!

    Because OverLAZ HP uses LaserJet specific command sequences, it is not compatible with other types of printers such as PostScript based laser printers, dot matrix, or most ink jet or bubble jet printers. The PostScript version will only work with PostScript printers.

    (OverLAZ HP also works with some of the newer HP Deskjet printers, such as the HP Deskjet 1600 series.)

    Installation and usage instructions are provided for many word processing programs: WordPerfect 4.x (and later) for DOS, WordPerfect 5.x (and later) for Windows, WordStar for DOS, Lotus AmiPro, Microsoft Word for DOS and Windows, PFS First Choice Write (DOS), Professional Write (DOS), Multimate (DOS), as well as various shareware programs like PC-Write, Galaxy, Breeze, Q-Edit and others. Supported spreadsheets include, Lotus 1-2-3 (DOS), Symphony and Quattro Pro. Database programs such as dBase and Foxpro are also supported. Easy to use menu macros are provided for WordPerfect 5.x (and later) for both DOS and Windows, Lotus AmiPro, and Microsoft Word for Windows.

    OverLAZ PostScript: PostScript version of OverLAZ. OverLAZ PS v3 includes 120 overlay files. CompuServe Shareware Registry ID# 430.

    Single user registration of the entire collection is $25 (US) or $29 (CDN) plus $2 postage and handling. Site licenses are also available. Contact us for pricing.

    OverLAZ can also be used to automatically print personal and corporate letterheads. All registered users are entitled to a FREE letterhead overlay with registration. Simply send us a PCX or TIFF file (on an IBM-PC format floppy disk) with your corporate logo and we will convert it to an OverLAZ printer file! If you do not have a logo, send us the text you wish printed (along with details of the preferred font, size, etc.) and we will create a letterhead for you. Additional personalized OverLAZ can be created for only $15 (US), $17 (CDN) plus $2 postage and handling. With an OverLAZ electronic letterhead, you need never buy expensive printed letterhead stock again! A fresh letterhead is produced automatically each time you print a letter.

    Single user registrations are also available from:

  • CompuServe Shareware Registry ID# 429 (HP Laserjet) or 430 (PostScript).
  • Public (software) Library registration service. (Product number 14855).
  • Reg.Net OverLAZ for HP ID #3365.
  • Reg.Net OverLAZ for PS ID #3366.

  • How to register.
  • Yes! I want to order the fully registered version.

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