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    Operating system -
    DOS 3.2 or later

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  • FreeForm is the ultimate menu driven floppy disk formatting utility which lets the user create a wide variety of MS-DOS and custom floppy disks with a PC, XT, AT or PS/2 compatible computer equipped with either 5-1/4 inch (360k or 1.2 M) or 3-1/2 inch (720k, 1.44 M, or 2.8 M) floppy disk drives. Unlike the MS-DOS FORMAT.COM program, FreeForm allows you to format virtually any kind of floppy disk (including non-MS-DOS types) with an MS-DOS compatible computer. All styles of floppy drives are supported, including the external drives and secondary floppy controller cards used with some machines. FreeForm will not let you format a hard disk. In order to use FreeForm, you will need DOS version 3.20 or later (or DR-DOS 5.0 or later) and at least 256k bytes of RAM.

    Although it is easy to use by people of all levels of programming experience and provides an simple method for formatting various kinds of standard DOS floppy disks, the advanced features of FreeForm are intended primarily for intermediate to advanced MS-DOS users who will appreciate the complete flexibility that it provides.

    Non-MS-DOS disks and special MS-DOS disks can be formatted in up to three different "density zones" on the same disk. That is, different areas of the disk can be formatted with different numbers of sectors, different sector sizes or numbering schemes. Using this feature, you can create non-standard areas on a DOS disk (such as a track full of 256 byte sectors) for hidden data or copy protection purposes, for example. The user also has full control over disk parameters such as the hard skew (sector interleave) and blank sector fill byte for each zone.

    Up to 100 sets of parameters can be stored in a parameter file for later recall and use from the main menu of FreeForm.

    Single user copies of FreeForm are available for the price of $25 (US) or $29 (CDN) plus $2 postage and handling ($4 for addresses other than USA and Canada). Site licenses are also available. Contact us for pricing.

    Single user registrations are also available from:

  • CompuServe Shareware Registry (ID #3682).
  • Public (software) Library registration service. (Product number 14853).
  • Reg.Net ID #3372.

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